Paiporta Station Underpass

Improve the safety of the crossing points between platforms

Development of the work

Removal of the existing crossing between platforms, by building an underpass on the Valencia side, which will have all the accessibility conditions for people with reduced mobility.

The underpass will be equipped with elevators and fixed stairs for access from both platforms.

This passage will be reserved exclusively for metro passengers, which will reduce the risk of any type of incident by significantly limiting the passage of people.

The project includes the following actions and facilities:

  • Extension of the platforms to create a PRM-accessible pedestrian route from the platforms to the elevator doors at platform level.
  • Stairs and underpass to create a pedestrian route between the two platforms that passes under the tracks.
  • Elevator installations: Installation of 2 double boarding elevators for 8 persons (630 kg), suitable for persons with reduced mobility.
  • Programming, installation and commissioning for the integration of the control system of the station enclosure, the status and alarms of the lifts and the pumping of the underpass in the T.E.I.F. of Valencia Sud.


For the realization of the pedestrian underpass, it was chosen the execution of a box pushed under the railway tracks.

The execution of an underpass by means of oleodynamic thrust consists of the construction of the masonry work in the vicinity of the final location and the subsequent transfer by means of oleodynamic thrust in a transversal direction to the track, to its final position, in order to minimize the impact on the tracks and, therefore, on the railway traffic.

For this purpose, the work is located and built in the vicinity, on a concrete platform (sliding floor) and once the required resistance is reached, the thrust is carried out by means of hydraulic cylinders that transmit the efforts to a reaction wall and to the ground itself. At the same time, the earth is emptied so as not to endanger the stability of the tracks. Before pushing, and in order to maintain the circulation of the trains, the shoring of the track or tracks is placed.