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ARIN is a privately owned engineering and architecture consulting firm, independent of suppliers and builders, specializing in the automotive industry, industrial buildings and facilities of all kinds, project management, studies, projects, construction management and technical assistance for roads, housing developments, facilities, ports, environmental actions, hydraulic works, pathologies, etc.

About us

ARIN is formed by a technnical and human team with more tan 20 years of experience in desing and execution of works.
We are a highly qualified human team with the necessary material and technical means to provide a service capable of satisfying the most demanding (clients / customers).

Independent company

ARIN’s priority is customers, both private and public. Constant updating and permanent innovation allow us to offer tailor-made solutions, based on state-of-the-art technology, relying on our own capacity and, if necessary, on the integration into our teams of the most prestigious specialists in other fields.


ARIN’s fields of action include both the private and public sectors. Today, it can be said that it has extensive experience, with unique works and the firm objective of continuing to grow.
The main objectives to be met in the coming years is to expand the range of services in both the field of engineering and architecture, always with a commitment to quality that meets customer needs. As well as to continue with the implantation, development and consolidation in new national and international markets.

Quality Policy

Our priority is the customers, both private and public, which has led us to declare our Quality Policy as a permanent objective in the search for the best solutions, taking into account the responsibility with the environment.
We have a Quality System in accordance with the ISO 9001 and 14001 Standards, managed by our own Quality Department.