Line 1 FGV, renewal of points, level crossings and surface sections

To improve the reliability and operation of the line

Development of the work

Replacement of 45 existing points in the vicinity of the stations, renewal of the track and improvement of the surface of 36 level crossings for vehicular traffic, urbanisation and improvement of the surface of 14 pedestrian level crossings and urbanisation of 1 further level crossing.

In addition, the complete renewal of various sections of track totalling 1,446 m of single track, the renewal of track with replacement of sleepers and ballast for 3,600 m of double track, the renewal of track with replacement of rails for 100 m of double track and the renewal of sections of track with replacement of ballast for a total of 1,160 m of double track.

It also includes the replacement of 7 buffers and minor works such as the lifting of expansion devices, the renewal of drives and switch motors, the inspection and repair of buffers to be maintained and other ancillary elements.

These works will make it possible to renew the entire section of line and provide it with homogeneous characteristics, a continuous track, new-generation points that will increase the reliability of operation and use of the line, as well as improving the quality of rolling at road and pedestrian crossings, thus facilitating track maintenance operations in the future.