Emergency works Calpe Port

Avoiding the collapse of the structural capacity of the dyke

Development of the work

The coastal phenomena caused by the storms of November 2021 caused significant damage to the Port of Calpe, specifically to the eastern breakwater. The structural damage to the breakwater occurred in the same area that was also damaged by the storm known as Gloria, which affected the Valencian coast on 19 and 20 January 2020.

The storms have caused major damage, due to the torrential rainfall and waves, making it necessary and urgent to undertake emergency works to remedy the situation immediately.


  • Reinforcement of the foot of the embankment slope, recovery of materials displaced by the waves and repositioning to form a stable slope, achieving a locking effect to prevent future displacements in future storm episodes.
  • Supply of material for reinforcement and reconstruction of the mantle and filter in the areas where it has been necessary.
  • Pouring of stone blocks and riprap in order to protect both the mantle and the filter.