Storm tank in Ibiza Street, Valencia, Spain

BIM Construction Project of a 26,000 m3 capacity Storm Tank

Development of the work

Anti DSU storm tank with a budget of 14.8 million euros and an execution period of 29 months. The work is located in the city of Valencia, in section XVI of the Turia Gardens, on the left bank of the riverbed, next to the Paseo de la Alameda and the Ibiza Pumping Station.

The structure consists of piles and a large-edged foundation slab to compensate for the thrust of the water table.

In addition to the reservoir itself, the project includes the definition of the works for the filling collector and spillway, the pumping station and drive for emptying, the replacement of the urbanisation, trees and greenery in the section of the Turia Garden where the facility is located.

As well as being part of a series of storm tanks designed to increase Valencia’s resilience in the face of increasingly frequent and intense torrential rainfall, it is a strategic project for the development of the Mouth Park.

The storm tank, located next to the Ibiza pumping station, will collect the first rainfall transported by the Serrería collector, up to its capacity of 26,000 m3. When this tank reaches its limit, the water will begin to overflow through a lateral spillway into the old Turia riverbed. The water stored in the reservoir is then pumped to the Pinedo water treatment plant, where it is treated.