Alameda de Valencia Storm Tank

BIM Construction Project of a 40,000 m3 capacity Storm Tank

Development of the work

Storm tank with anti-DSU function of 39,270 m3, which includes the connection via a bypass collector from the northern transit collector to the 1-2-3 collector, the construction of a new northern waste collector, a large connection chamber between the tank and the northern waste collector for emptying part of the tank by gravity, and a pumping station with the possibility of discharging into the bypass collector or into the northern waste collector for emptying the rest of the tank.

The structure consists of piles and a deep foundation slab to compensate for the pressure of the water table.

The tank will cover the area of Section IX of the Turia Garden, between the Alameda metro station, Pont de les Flors and Paseo de la Alameda, without affecting the landscape. The works will take three years to complete and have a budget of almost 23 million euros.