Firefighting Installation in the North Dock of the Port of Castellón

To ensure an adequate level of protection against the risk of fire

Development of the work

Execution of the fire fighting installation works for the North Dock of the Port of Castellón.

The works of the «Fire Fighting Installation Project in the North Dock of the Port of Castellón» have been put into service. This new network was executed with the aim of ensuring an adequate level of protection against the risk of fire in the areas directly managed by the Port Authority of Castellón in the aforementioned dock, also serving as a support for the existing networks in the container terminals.

In order to comply with the autonomy requirements established by the regulations, a reinforced concrete tank with a capacity of 410 cubic meters has been built. Annexed to this tank, a pump room has been built, where the pumping system is located, consisting of the main electric pump with a power of 150 hp, a diesel pump with a nominal power of 170 hp and a maintenance pump. The pump room is completed with the corresponding suction, test, supply, delivery, discharge, drainage and bypass circuits.

The underground distribution network has a meshed design and includes the installation of more than 10 km of HDPE DN250 PN16 piping, with the corresponding aeration valves and drainage. In order to sectorize the network, gate valves are integrated, with an alarm system monitoring their closure. For water delivery, the corresponding dry column hydrants and buried hydrants are provided, with a layout and typology that allows both the maintenance of port operations and the preservation of the adequate overlap between adjacent protection areas.