Dissuasive car park at El Clot station in the Metrovalencia network

4400 m2 of parking, pedestrian access and green areas

Development of the work

The objective of the project is the complete definition of the construction project of a «DISUASORY PARKING IN THE METROVALENCIA NETWORK»: EL CLOT STATION IN RIBA-ROJA DE TÚRIA (VALENCIA)», which includes the creation of a car park adjacent to the El Clot station, through the development of an area on either side of the track, classified as urban land. Although it is a single car park linked to El Clot station, it is divided into two zones due to the presence of the railway line.

The development includes the adaptation of a car park, a bus stop, a passenger loading and unloading area (Kiss&Ride), a secure area for parking bicycles and a pedestrian access platform to the station on both sides of the track, providing continuity to the urban street. The project also includes all the necessary facilities for the correct operation of the car park, the replacement of the affected roads and the adaptation of the surrounding roads to restore all traffic movements and provide an access route for city buses.

There are 38 battery bays: 22 on the L’Eliana side and 16 on the Riba-roja de Túria side, of which 2 are for PRM (one on each side) and 2 are for charging electric vehicles (one on each side). The 34 individual bays and the electric vehicle charging bays (all with battery) measure 5.00 x 2.40 m, while the PRM bays measure 3.72 x 5.00 m on the Riba-roja side and 3.56 x 5.00 m on the l’Eliana side.

It also includes the adaptation of Azahar, Tarongina and Magnolio streets, as well as the junction of Magnolio street with Plà de la Paella street and Azahar street with Vicente Rafael Ruano street.