Alboraya General Traps

Integral sanitation of the population of Alboraya

Development of the work

The project consists of calculating and defining the sanitation facilities needed to complete the network of traps in the town of Alboraya.

The collector networks have been divided into several sectors, each with a main trap in which other secondary trap drain, which in turn can be recipients of other smaller collectors, and so on, adapting the network to the unconnected collector sections existing in the population.

The network consists of 10 main collectors, in some cases doubled, one on each side of the street where they run that drain through two pumping stations to a main collector that runs along Paseo de Aragón until it drains, part in the EDAR Carraixet and part, already diluted, in irrigation ditches.

The execution of the works was carried out in several phases, for which the project was divided into several projects that each included a part of the projected collectors.