Bridge in Torrent

Improves the connection between Torrent and Mas del Jutge

Development of the work

In response to the need to solve the problem of heavy traffic which, in order to travel between the VV-3019 (road to Mas del Jutge) and the VP-3067 (road to Montroy), needs to enter the town centre of Torrent, the project is proposed.

For this reason, the Provincial Council of Valencia, through its road area, awarded ARIN the contract for the work : VP-3067. – Torrent to Montroy. Connection with the VV-3019 (Torrent to Mas del Jutge) (Ronda Oeste de Torrent – 2nd phase) (B-109/P).

The technical services of the Provincial Council of Valencia carried out a layout study of the connection between the VP-3067 (Torrent a Montroy), the Vedat road, the municipal sports centre, a new avenue within the urban area of the city of Torrent, Avda Genaro Palau, which will connect the VP-3067 with the Avenida el País Valenciano and the exit branch to the new bridge over the L`Horteta ravine. The solution was proposed by means of two adjoining roundabouts, which constituted the first phase of the project.

In this second phase, a connection was made between the two adjacent roundabouts mentioned above and the industrial estate of the «Mas del Jutge» road. This connection has to cross the L’Horteta ravine by means of a 90 m. long bridge, and ends with the existing roads of the estate by means of a roundabout.

This action constitutes the second phase of the so-called «Ronda Oeste de Torrent» defined as a connection road between the VP-3067 (Torrent to Montroy) and the VV-3019 (Torrent to Masía del Juez), constituting a new access to the Masía del Juez industrial estate and at the same time an interconnection of the VP-3067 with the regional distributor (Alaquas). All this is a consequence of the Conclusions drawn jointly by the Technical Services of the Valencia Provincial Council and the Office of the Plan of the Generalitat with regard to the local road network.