Canopy Extension

Create a Canopy of 3,000 square meters

Development of the work

Project and construction management of a 3000 sqm canopy and all surrounding areas Ford Almussafes Factory.

  • Preliminary engineering work: solutions study plus corresponding cost estimates, detailed cost estimation of the final solution, topographic survey, geotechnical study and project to obtain work permit
  • Drafting specifications for Ford to be able to tender the work.
  • Detailed design of the new canopy: diversion of underground facilities, demolition of offices off the roof, structural engineering, building services (lighting, fire protection, alarm, public address system, drainage of rainwater by syphonic system (Geberit)).
  • Structure designed for a future transformation of the canopy in production hall to be integrated into the engine plant.
  • Detailed design of the surrounding areas: diversion of  factory fire protection main ring, partial modification of the fire protection of the engine building adjacent to the new work, modification of  existing road.