Duplication of CV-18 Burriana

Substantial improvement in the road capacity of this axis

Development of the work

ARIN has provided technical assistance to the site management for the duplication of the CV-18 road between Burriana and Almassora. The work begins nearby the cemetery, at the roundabout at the end of the Ronda de Burriana, on the CV-18 road, and the length of the road is 6,927 metres.

From this intersection, the dual carriageway is planned, trying to maintain the current road as one of the carriageways. A new bridge over the River Mijares is planned to run parallel to the existing one. This will have a total length of 211 metres.

Immediately after crossing the river, the action will be adapted to the layout of the Almassora bypass, which already has the necessary space to accommodate the second roadway. The standard section adopted has a double roadway, replacement paths for agricultural traffic and a cycle path.

The works include both the construction of a new roundabout and the extension of four more roundabouts. In addition, they incorporate signalling, beaconing, road safety, drainage, public lighting service in the main trunk and the lighting of the roundabouts to be installed.