Expansion of the Ford body shop

Building of 85 000 sqm and adjacent areas

Development of the work

New Body Shop building with an extension of 85.000 sqm and all the surrounding areas in Ford’s factory in Almussafes, Valencia.

The works carried out by ARIN consisted in:

  • The development of all the previous engineering works: land survey, soil survey, projects for permits
  • The demolition project, structural calculations of the phase 4 (40,000 sqm approx.)
  • Demolition project of the Training Centre
  • Demolition of suppliers buildings
  • Design of the earthworks in phase 4 with up to 5 metres high backfills (East area)
  • Diversion of underground services, such a storm-water drain and sewage drain
  • Diversion of an existing road
  • Relocation or chiller plant 42C
  • New external road, including a 30 metres long bridge
  • Design of the roof drainage of the whole buildings by means of a full flow system (Geberit), including the emergency system.
  • Design of compensation parking areas, including a traffic study to allow in one of them the bus traffic of the factory
  • Design of the whole underground pipes system (stormwater and sewers) of the whole building