Extension of the Port of Cullera

Extension of the fishing area and the sports area

Development of the work

Development of the project for the extension of the port of Cullera. (Valencia).

The surface area for the new port facilities is 179,059 m², and is intended for a fishing area and a sports area.

In the Fishing Zone, a closed dock has been planned, which protects the boats from possible avenues. The fish market and the ice factory are moved to an area on land gained to the dock with an overtaking of the line of wharf in a width of 25 m. and a length of 60 m., in order to gain space in the area of general services common to both port areas (fishing sector and sports sector). The fishermen’s huts and sales premises have also been arranged on the northern alignment of the dock.

In the Sports Zone, an enclosed dock has been planned to allow the sports boats to take shelter from the river’s avenues and the waves generated by the fishing boats along the river. The maximum length of the pontoons is 150 m.
The sports area has a total capacity of 756 boats, with a length between 8 m and 15 m.

The new facilities are also equipped with an area capable of accommodating dry boats, with the appropriate launching facilities, for carrying out small repairs.

Sports promenade dock
It is a curved dock with two sections, the most western section with a length of 376.90 m. and the most eastern section, ending at the sports entrance, with a length of 293.64 m