Ford linkage brige

The beauty of steel and colour

Development of the work

The developer, SEPIVA, wanted a unique bridge at the main entrance to its emblematic Juan Carlos I logistics park.

As a result of a wide study of solutions and a range of construction possibilities, this spectacular metal bridge was chosen, with a concrete deck, a curved plan and vertical alignment, where structural resistance was achieved by using a three-dimensional lattice formed by structural steel profiles with a circular section, which managed to emphasise the industrial aspect that they wanted to promote, given that the lattice is a construction element used for centuries in the construction of buildings and even bridges.

Extremely technical complexity, both in terms of geometry (when such advanced software did not yet exist) and materials; the steel was bought in Belgium, bent in France and the manufacture and assembly was carried out upside down in Asturias, to then be moved in 3 pieces to the site where it was assembled and using two heavy cranes, one in the pivot position and the other which carried out the movement, until a perfect assembly was achieved on the two reinforced concrete abutments.