Garcia Missionary Park, Burjassot

Completing the green route of the municipality of Burjassot

Development of the work

Management of the landscaping of the José García Missionary Park in Burjassot.

With a budget of 500,000 euros, the park has seen its surface area increased and, in addition, has significant improvements with the citizens of the area in mind, young and old. Two children’s play areas have been located, one near Valencia Street and the other near Cabanilles Botanical Street, near the Almara district. Likewise, the elderly will be able to enjoy a pétanque field and different gymnastics modules.

New benches, litter bins and different elements of urban furniture can already be seen in the park. The park also has accessible paths made of materials adapted to rainy days.

In addition to this there are 40 new parking places, which will make parking easier for the residents of the area