New fire collector in the PTO building

How to extinguish a fire with 260 litres per second

Development of the work

Due to the construction of the new PTO building, the connection pipes to the S-24C 171 O-INT collector in building 171 and to the control stations 171/O-15 and 171/O-16, also in building 171, which ran underground in the area occupied by the new building, were relocated in an aerial arrangement through the new building.

For this purpose the collector S-24C 171 O-INT was moved to the western edge of the new building together with a new collector in which control posts 171/O-15 and 171/O-16 were included, in addition to the control posts for sprinklers and BIE’s of the new building, resulting in a total of 8 control posts.

The maximum number of control posts per collector is 5, so two collectors were installed, both with double connections.