Santa Maria Bridge, Ontinyent

Communicates the center with the new neighborhood

Development of the work

It allows communication between the historical centre and the new working class neighbourhood of San Rafael, created as a result of Ontinyent’s great industrial development from the middle of the 20th century. The Santa Maria Bridge was completed and inaugurated in 1953.

Arin has carried out the Restoration and Expansion Project as well as the Technical Assistance to the Project Management of the Santa María Bridge in Ontinyent.

It is a reinforced concrete viaduct, 150 m long and 9 m wide, supported by three large parabolic arches and a smaller one located on the left bank side, with a maximum height of 60 m in its central span.

Both the abutments and the support piles are covered in ashlar, and both the railing and the eight castles where the lampposts are located are made of factory and metal.