Sector 14 Toll L'Alberca

It runs along the CV-405 road

Development of the work

The object of this urbanization project of Sector 14 «El Toll – L’Alberca» is the planning, description and design of the works necessary for the construction of the mentioned urbanization.

To be able to start the works, the present project has been drawn up, which includes the following works: demolition and replacement of services, levelling, paving of roads and pavements, water supply, drainage and sewage, electricity supply, public lighting, telephone network, horizontal and vertical signalling, gardening, urban furniture, waste collection elements and eco-park.

The area to be developed consists of the partial plan for tertiary uses of the «El Toll-L’Alberca» sector, along the CV-405 Torrent-Monserrat road in the municipality of Torrent.

Its limits are to the north the Area nº 6, to the east and west it limits with non-developable land of agricultural protection of irrigated land; and to the south with the By-Pass, in the junction with the road to Torrent-Montserrat. This road is located on its central axis, which divides the land into two areas separate.

The total area is 409,000 m2.

The land is considerably flat, descending towards the north with an average slope of slightly less than 1%, going from a maximum altitude of 80 m. where in the extreme northeast to a minimum of 67 m. in the extreme northwest, where the lowest point of the area is located. On the northeast side there is an area of greater slopes, close to 8%, located between the route of a medium voltage line and the camí de la Mala Pujada.