Sollana Sports Hall

Able to be used for the practice of several sports

Development of the work

Sollana Town Council has commissioned ARIN to draw up a project that will serve as the basis for the construction of the «Municipal Sports Hall in Sollana (Valencia)».

A pavilion is designed with a central court measuring 24.00 x 45.00 m, capable of being used for various sports: basketball, handball, volleyball and indoor football, and with raised stands on one side. To contain this programme, a single container volume is projected, formed by a prism of 45.90 x 31.34 m and a height of 9.00 m, to which a side body of lesser height is added.

In accordance with the dimensions of the stands, a maximum capacity of 288 spectators has been planned. By taking advantage of the height of the stands and lowering the level of the changing rooms from the track, they can be placed under the stands.

Subsequently, ARIN is in charge of the Site Management.