Urban Mobility Plan for Rafelbunyol

Change towards new mobility patterns in cities

Development of the work

The work is divided into two clearly differentiated phases during the development of which include processes of dissemination and public participation:

  • Study of current urban mobility: information gathering and diagnosis of the situation:
    • Compilation of data, both documentary and by means of gauging.
    • Analysis of supply and demand in the current situation of the municipality from various points of view: external accessibility, infrastructure for road traffic and for pedestrian and cyclist traffic, public transport, parking, goods traffic..
    • Diagnosis of the situation.
    • General proposals of action derived from the diagnosis that will give rise to the definition of the lines of action.


  • Proposal of alternatives for drafting the Urban Mobility Plan for the population:
    • Establishment of strategic lines of action.
    • Definition, evaluation and prioritization of actions within each of the proposed lines of action.


Once the proposals and priorities for action have been defined, the PMUS includes a proposal for indicators to monitor its implementation and an evaluation of the expected effects on the environment.