Valencia HUB Call Centre

New Ford Pass HUB to service European market

Development of the work

The new Call Centre is located at the former office building 86, including an extension of approximately 560 m², which will be erected where building 300, the old canteen, was located. The construction will be built with surface foundations, connected to the appropriate foundation ground level, through foundation pits with mass concrete and structural steel with columns and trusses.

The façade of both buildings, old and new, will be renovated to comply with the applicable Spanish energy efficiency standards and to solve all the defects that building 86 currently has (mainly due to a poor foundation of the façade and a poor drainage solution).

The new Call Centre will be equipped with a new HVAC system, with energy recovery and air renewal.

The development of the project was carried out following the BIM methodology, working on a 3D model of the building.