Works of lamination in Rambla Gallinera

A region threatened by frequent torrential rains

Development of the work

Technical Assistance to the Site Management included in the urgent action 3.3.d., «Construction project of the works of lamination and improvement of the drainage of the Rambla Gallinera Basin (Valencia and Alicante)».

Customer : Acuamed

Budget : 40.900.000,00 €

The particular orography of the territory consists of two clearly differentiated areas, the mountainous area inland and the coastal plain. This situation presents great difficulties in draining runoff which makes flooding one of the most common risks in this region, with serious consequences for the natural, social and economic environment.

The floods that affect the Rambla Gallinera have flooded several roads in the area, as well as the nearby crops and the marshland located between the cultivated area and the sea. This situation has sometimes led to the overflowing of the Alfadalí Ravine, which in turn causes frequent episodes of flooding in the town of Oliva.

Works carried out

Channeling of the Rambla Gallinera

  • Oliva Dam
  • Partial channelling and conditioning of the Rambla Gallinera with improvement of the drainage of the floodable area, including the following conditioning:
    • Benirrama Ravine
    • Extension of the canalization of the Rambla Gallinera East drainage channel
    • Manegueta de la Rabosa

In the Alfadali Ravine

  • Diversion of avenues from the Alfadali ravine to the Rambla Gallinera
  • Channelling of the Alfadalí ravine as it passes through the town of Oliva

Environmental measures

This action also allows a significant series of environmental improvements, thanks to which a natural area degraded by flooding and recreational use will be recovered.

On the one hand, more underground water contributions will be achieved, contributing to the recharging of the Mustalla aquifer and the ecological status of the Pego – Oliva Marsh will be improved, by guaranteeing the maintenance of the flooded superficies of the Marsh, which constitute the biological wealth of the natural enclave.


On the other hand, these works contribute to the recovery of the dune ecosystem of the Gorgs beach, within the SCI of La Safor, which currently presents strongly degraded areas due to the recreational use of the space.


The project also includes an ambitious environmental monitoring programme.