Acoustic Consulting

Noise is one of the top environmental hazards to both physical and mental health and well-being

(World Health Organization)

The evolution experienced by developed countries in recent decades, with the proliferation of industries, the spectacular increase in the number of cars and public transport, has led to an increase in environmental pollution and, in particular, that produced by noise and vibration. Nowadays, noise, given its unique characteristics, is considered an important form of pollution and a clear manifestation of a low quality of life. The consequences of environmental noise impact, both physiological and psycho-physiological, are affecting an increasing number of people and in particular the inhabitants of large cities.

For all these reasons, the different Public Administrations are adapting their regulations, being more and stricter in terms of emission and transmission control.

Our actions in this field include:

  • Acoustic tests to determine the level of airborne sound insulation of compartmentalisation elements in buildings.
  • Measurement of noise levels produced by machines, equipment or activities.
  • Environmental noise impact studies for urbanization projects, industrial estates and roads.

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